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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:14 pm


When you own this bloodline, you may no longer use genjutsu or ninjutsu, with the exception of Kai release in genjutsu.

Genin Skills
-Taijutsu Knowledge: All Taijutsu cost 50 chakra less if they cost 100 chakra or more, also increase the life-damage by 50.
-After-Image (25 Chakra) -esp-
-Parry (50 Chakra) Block all Taijutsu and Firing from the opponents last post, can't interrupt
-Palm Thrust (50 Chakra) 100 Life-Damage and stops the opponent for 1 post. Can't interrupt.
-Remove Weights (100 Chakra) Doubles the amount of damage that the weights would have given you when they were not removed. This lasts for 7 turns. Once per battle. Needs weights.

Chuunin Skills
-Incredible Speed (150 Chakra) Avoid all techniques from your opponent's last post, cant interrupt
-Konoha Whirlwind (100 Chakra) 200 multi-hit Life-Damage
-Meditation Strategy (0 chakra)gain 50 health and 50 chakra, can't interrupt

Jounin Skills
-Body analysis (100 chakra) Negate Tsukuyomi for the rest of the battle. 50 chakra every 2 turns to continue the negation. Once per battle.
-Rising Fist (100 chakra, passive skill) Next taijutsu will deal 100 more damage and will be unavoidable. Requires Remove Weights to be in effect. Once per battle.
-Great Tornado Spin (75 chakra) 100 life-damage, interrupts opponent to cast technique
-Great Konoha Whirlwind (200 Chakra) Multi-Hit, 300 Life-Damage. Unavoidable. Twice per Battle.

The Gates. (All Gate Skills cannot be interrupted.)
-Initial Gate (50 Chakra) All taijutsu do 100 more damage for the rest of the battle.
-Heal Gate (100 Chakra) Heal 50 Life and Chakra every 3 turns.
-Life Gate (150 Life) All taijutsu now cannot be blocked/avoided/interrupted by skills that specifically target taijutsu.

~Only one gate per turn.
~Must open the previous Gate before the next can be.
~If you die while in the death gate, You must post 2x the amount needed to revive yourself.

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