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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:20 pm


Genin Techniques:
Summon beast (Always active whenever you enter a battle) You have your beast/pet by your side. It has 400 life and does 1 attack every turn that deals 50 damage. Unless you have your own custom beast, then it is automatically at your side in battles instead of the normal beast.

Double Piercing Fang [Level 1] (50 chakra) 100 life damage, can't interupt.

Four Legs Technique (50 chakra) All your taijutsu is increased by 75 life damage. Cost's 25 chakra every 2 turns to keep active.

Improved sense: Smell (Passive/automatically active) If your opponent conceals themselves (hides), it is automatically negated as your sense of smell is excellent. If someone has escaped in a thread, you may attack them 1 minute later then you are allowed to.

Chuunin Techniques:
Beast Man Clone Combo (50 chakra) Transforms your beast into a new form with more abilities. Replaces summon beast. The health your beast has after this is used, is what it had left +100 health. Can't interupt in any way. Your beast now does 100 damage per turn.

*Beast Man Clone Seperation (50 chakra) Your beast turns back to its normal form. The health it had in Beast Man Combo, is what it has now. Can't interupt in any way.

*Double Piercing Fang lvl 2 (100 chakra) 200 life, Multi hit. Can't be interupted.

*Man Beast Double Strike Combo (100 chakra) 100 life damage, Can't interupt or block.

Jounin Techniques:

Dynamic Marking (50 chakra) Enables you to use Double Headed Wolf techniques. Can't be used when beast man clone combo is is being used. Stops opponent one turn (Can't block or interupt the stop). Can't interupt at all.

**Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf (100 chakra) Your beast and yourself combine. The beasts life is added to yours. You may only use selected Inuzuka techniques with *** infront of them while in this form. All your clan techniques deal 150 more damage while in this form. You must take 400 damage before you can seperate from this.

***Man Beast Seperation (50 chakra) Seperate yourself and your beast from the Man beast Combination Transformation. Your beast has the same amount of HP it had when fusing with you after using this. Can't interupt at all.

***Double Wolf Fang (250 Chakra) 400 life damage, multi hit, unavoidable. Once per battle.

***Man Beast Combo: Interupt (50 chakra) Interupt an opponents move that can be interupted. Can't interupt.

***Chikushou Idou (100 chakra) Avoid one move from opponents last turn. You can avoid unavoidable moves with three times if you pay 200 chakra.

***Beasts Endurance (Passive) All techniques used against you while in Man Beast Combination Transformation deal 100 less damage.

***Seismic claws (100 chakra) 300 life damage, can't block or avoid

***Seismic block (125 chakra) Block one move from opponents last turn.

***Claw pain (XXX Life) You may use this to avoid any genjutsu. XXX = The amount of chakra the move cost in life.

*Can't be used unless Beast Man Clone Combo is in play.
**Can't be used unless Dynamic Marking has been used.
***Can't be used unless Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf is in play.
---Users of this bloodline may use 1 extra soldier pill per battle, but on their beast only.
---Smoke bombs can avoid moves that are avoidable when you own this bloodline, only 4 times a battle though.
---Once you reach Jounin level in Inuzuka, you may now create your custom beast for its costs.

Custom beast making:

You may create one custom beast. Your beast will have its stages, and you must train it. Once you make a custom beast, you may never make one again. Even if you sell your inuzuka bloodline, get it again sometime and want to make another custom beast, you must have the exact same beast you had last time but start over on its training. Custom beasts replace your current 400 life beast (the one that starts with you every battle).

There are 3 types of beasts that can accompany you as an inuzuka user. There is the Swift (Speed and agility) beasts, the Defensive (endurance and defensiveness) and Strength (attack and damage).

Swift beasts:
-Swift beasts are the faster, quicker and more agile of the beasts.
-They have advantages getting in and out of places, doing things fast, damaging opponents quickly and what not.
-They also have a downside of not being really strong and having low defense.

Defensive beasts:
-Defensive beasts are the highly endurable, hard to kill more defensively strong beasts.
-They have advantages lasting long, protecting their user defensively, taking lots of damage and even dealing quite fair amounts too.
-They have a downside of not being fast and not having really strong attacks.

Strong beasts:
-Strong beasts are the strong, not really fast and not really defensive, but good at attacking beasts.
-They have advantages of obviously, dealing the most damage, dealing it the most effective ways and more.
-They have a downside of having average health, defence and speed.

Your beasts all get a set amount of chakra and health, this cannot be modified and is different for every type of beast.
When you are making your custom beast, you have to first name it and describe it.
Then after you have chosen what sort of beast you want, you get to making it.
To decide what moves your beast has, you pick 3 moves from a load of moves listed for every type of beast, and make 1 of your own.
All moves unless specificaly stated, count as a move from your beast and use its chakra.
Here are the moves you pick for your beast.

The Swift Beast: Life/Chakra: 400/500

Speed ability (Passive/automatically takes effect) If you feed your swift beast a soldier pill, it may do an extra attack for the turn you fed it the pill and the next 3 turns of yours.

Agility reflexes (Passive/automatically takes effect) Your swift beast may avoid one move every three turns without taking up any sort of action.

Swift demise (100 chakra) 200 life damage. unavoidable. twice per battle.

Venture (100 chakra) If you use this in a travelling thread, you only have to make 75 posts instead of 100. Lasts until you use an attack with your beast. Can't interupt at all. Can be used in any thread just to sit on your beast.

Swift escape (100 chakra) If you are sitting on your beast, you may escape quicker. That means the opponent has to attack you within 1 minute of your last post, not 2. This move can be used to escape, but can't escape other moves like an esp move. Can't interupt in any way.

Charge (50 chakra) If you are sitting on your beast, your next taijutsu or weapon technique cannot be avoided. Twice per battle. Can't interupt in any way.

Swift escape; ally savior (150 chakra) You may use this move on anyone of your allies in a thread. Your ally can decide whether this hits them just by saying they accept or not. If they accept it, this counts as escaping them out of the thread, and they have to be attacked within 1 minute of escaping.

Special effect: When this swift beast is cloned using 'man beast clone' jutsu, it may use genius once every three turns just like its master. It doesnt take up one of its own moves or the masters moves, and doesnt count as if the user is using genius. Only works if you are actualy still in the 'man beast clone' jutsu.

The Defensive Beast: Life/Chakra: 800/500

Solid defence (Passive/automatically takes effect) If you feed your defensive beast a soldier pill, it automatically blocks all jutsus that can hit it for 3 turns. Includes ones that specificaly say can't block, but not ones that are specificaly unavoidable/completely unavoidable nor ones that are can't block, avoid or interupt.

Loyalty block (Passive/Automatically takes effect) Your beast may block one move for you, once every 2 turns. It takes 2/3 of the damage of the move. This stops multi hits from hitting YOU too. Can only be used twice.

Hardened coat (50 chakra) Block all throwing weapons from opponents last turn. All items except exploding tags that your beast blocks are added to the owner of the beasts weapon pouch at the beggining of the turn after this move is used. Three times per battle. Can't interupt.

Mastered defence (200 chakra) Block all moves from one opponents last turn. This blocks for the beast and one other person of your choice (it can be yourself). Twice per battle, can't interupt. Costs 50 less chakra when used the second time.

Endurance (100 chakra + soldier pill has to of been used on this beast) All moves deal halve their total damage towards your defensive beast for this and your next 2 turns. Your beast may use an extra move for the next 2 turns.

Hardened body slam (100 chakra 150 life) 500 life damage can't block. Twice per battle. Must be in endurance to use.

Special effect: When this defensive beast is fused with its master using 'man beast combination', all taijutsu and throwing weapons are blocked. Includes taijutsu that specificaly say can't block, but not ones that are specificaly unavoidable/completely unavoidable nor ones that are can't block, avoid or interupt.

The Strong Beast: Life/Chakra: 500/700

Strengthened muscles (Passive/automatically takes effect) If you feed your strong beast a soldier pill, it can do an extra attack for the turn you fed it the pill and the next 3 turns of yours.

Claws of fury (Passive/automatically takes effect) If you feed your beast a soldier pill, your beast will deal 200 more life damage on all of his attacks for the next 3 turns.

Backed strike (150 chakra) 300 life damage. Unavoidable. Twice per battle.

Rage (100 life) Your beast will go into a terrible rage and frenzy. Your beast still obeys anything you say though. All moves that hit your beast will deal +100 more damage, but your beast's moves deal +100 damage and they can't be interupted. Lasts for the next 2 turns and takes away 75 life damage every turn its in effect.

Crouching surprise (150 chakra) Your beast will creep into an area, crouch, and prepare to attack. If your beast uses this, you are not in the thread, and only your beast is. If the master makes any moves himself, he is then in the thread. Your beast can attack normally, but you cannot be attacked as you are not there. If your beast dies, you do not have to enter the thread by making any moves of your own, but you may. Your beast can try to escape like anyone can. Once per thread.

Grinding teeth (100 chakra) 250 life damage, cannot interupt or avoid.

Giant jaw (100 chakra) 100 life damage. Stop opponent one turn. Can't block.

Special effect: When this strong beast is fused with its master in any way, all taijutsu deal 100 more damage and cost 50 less chakra.

Training your beast:
-After you have picked the 3 moves and made the 1 move for your beast, you must train it to use them moves and to be loyal.
-The skills you pick will be in the order you picked them.
-The #1 skill you picked will cost 50 posts anywhere to learn.
-The #2 skill, #3 skill and #4 skill all cost 100 posts to learn. This can be done anywhere too.
-Travelling with your beast out also can count as these training posts.

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