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Iron Sand

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Iron Sand

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:20 pm

Iron Sand Bloodline

The Iron Sand bloodline is the amazing bloodline of the third kazekage. It's only been seen used by a puppet of the third kazekage, which is the third kazekage but in puppet form. It is probably not as strong being used from a puppet then the third himself.

Genin Skills
Magnetic Pull (50 chakra) Enables Iron Sand Skills (Passive)

Iron Sand Clone (50 Chakra) ESP from of your opponents attacks and deal 50 damage.

Automatic Iron Sand Defense (100 chakra, Passive) Block all throwing weapons including tags from Multi-opponents last turn.

Chunnin Skills
Iron Sand Blade (50 Chakra) 100 Life Damage, can't interrupt or ESP using clones.

Iron Sand Prism (150 chakra) Block all jutsus, including unavoidable moves, from your opponents last turn. Doesn't include genjutsu, Once per battle. If you blocked taijutsu, you deal back 200 damage.

Iron Sand Drizzle (100 Chakra) 250 life damage, Multi-hit, confuse opponent for one turn. Can't Interrupt.

Jounin Skills
Iron Sand Sphere (150 Chakra) Block all taijutsu and ninjutsu from opponents last turn. You cannot be attacked by anyone/anything next turn. Can't Interupt at all. Once per battle. You can not use this skill immediately before escaping.

Thunder God of Iron Sand (300 chakra) 500 life damage, stop opponent one turn. Unavoidable and once per battle.

Cover of the Iron (100 chakra) You are magnetized and covered by your own iron sand. All taijutsu that successfully hits you deals 150 damage back to the user. This effect ends once you take 500 or more life damage. You may also end this effect by taking the hit from a ninjutsu move, but you decrease its damage by 150. Can't be used if its already in effect. Can't interrupt at all. Three times per battle. Costs 50 chakra every turn this is in effect.

~If Any Iron Sand technique hits a puppet that puppet is unusable for the remainder of the battle. Includes Self Puppets.


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