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kibaka Nendo

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kibaka Nendo

Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:21 pm

Gennin Skills
Genin skills requires C1 Clay or higher.

-Exploding Clay Bird (100 Chakra) Multi-hit 100 Life Damage. Can't interrupt.
-Suicide Bombing Clone (50 Chakra) Multi-hit 75 Life Damage. Avoids 1 skill from your opponent's last post. Does not count as clone technique.
-Exploding Clay Spiders (75 Chakra) 50 Life Damage. Stop opponent for 1 post.

Chuunin Skills
Chuunin skills requires C2 Clay or higher.

-Exploding Clay Fish (150 Chakra) Multi-hit 250 Life Damage. Stops opponent for 1 post. Deals an extra 50 damage if used with a water skill.
-Clay Bird (250 Chakra) Avoids all skills from opponents' last turn, even multi-hits and unavoidables. Only avoids up to 500 Life. All other damage hits you, but the effects are negated. Once per battle. Doesn't include Genjutsu.
-Exploding Clay Homing Bird Swarm (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 300 Life Damage. Can't block or interrupt. Once per battle.
-Exploding Clay Swan (200 Chakra) Multi-hit 350 Life Damage. Can't be interrupted.

Jounin Skills
Jounin Skills requires C3 Clayer or higher

-Fine Clay (100 Chakra, Passive) Adds 50 Life Damage to all Kibaku Nendo skills for 4 turns. Lessens chakra of all Kibaku Nendo skills by 25 for the rest of the battle. Once per battle. Chakra cost cannot go below 25.
-Specialty #18 (200 Chakra) Passive. Adds 200 Damage on to one Kibaku Nendo skill and makes it unavoidable and multi-hit. Once per battle. 200 Self-Damage.
-Exploding Clay Doll (250 Chakra) Multi-hit 350 Life Damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle.

Advanced Skills
-*Clay Mines(0 chakra)Once per turn you may have an ally take up one of their actions to place a clay mine. Or you may use one of your own actions to place a clay mine. Any turn after three turns from the time the mine was placed. You may deal an attack of 200 life-damage to your opponent. This attack will not take up one of your actions. You may decide to combine the explosions for multiple mines. If done so they will not be separate attacks but the damage will be added together and it will be considered multi-hit. C1 Clay or higher.

-*Microscopic Clay Mines (0 Chakra) Once per turn you may have an ally take up one of his or her actions to place a micrscopic clay mine, or you may use one of your own actions to place a clay mine. Each time you use up an action for this, you place 2 microscopic clay mines, which each deal 10 unavoidable multi-hit damage. You may combine the explosions for multiple mines. The damage will be added together. 3 turns must pass before the you may activate this.

-**Suicidal Clay Coil(1500 self damage Plus all your remaining life)1000 Multi-hit (including allies) Completely unavoidable by EVERYTHING. Can only be used On or after YOUR 10th turn. If your opponent survives they still get an award for your death. User and all effected by this Can't Revive with any skills. This may be avoided by summoning the third final form of a Summon set to block it for you. If blocked this way you may NEVER use that summon again. This will hit all allies and anyone attackable in the area. Needs C4 clay.

-***Beserker Clay Dragon(400 chakra) Enables the Use of Berserker Clay Dragon Techniques. During this time you may not be damaged by anything other then throwing items and Multi-hit Ninjutsu of 200 chakra or more. You may not use any skills or items other then passive techniques during this time. Though the Dragon May. Dragon summon may not be interrupted. C3 Clay or higher. If C4 clay was used with this, then the summon will have an extra 200 life and chakra.
--Explosive Roar(50 chakra) 100 life-damage multi-hit. Blocks all Taijutsu and Throwing items in your opponents last post. Can't Interrupt.
--Draken Gust(25 chakra) 100 life-damage Multi-hit.
--Draken Guard(100 chakra) blocks all damage and stopping/confusing/capturing skills from your opponents last post for both the dragon and its owner.
--Arial Flight(50 chakra,25 chakra per turn) Until Dragon stops paying chakra each turn the dragon and user are unaffected by all taijutsu,throwing items, and doton skills.
--Self Destruct(500 self-damage plus all dragons remaining life, plus 300 self-damage to dragons owner)1000 life-damage. Multi-hit. Unavoidable.
--Damage control(300 chakra) Reduces all damage from opponents last post by 1000 for both Dragon and Dragons owner.
--Costly Destruction(200 chakra) 400 life-damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle
--Great Clay Explosion(200 chakra from both dragon and owner)800 life-damage. Unavoiable. Once per battle.
-Brain of Clay(100 chakra) Dragon avoids all genjutsu from opponents last post. Even unavoidable Genjutsu.
--Mighty Restraint(100 chakra) avoids all from all non genjutsu captures/holds/confusions from opponents last post.

*In a thread post 500 times by yourself to gain this skill. This thread must be made specifically for this skill.
**In a thread post 1000 times by yourself to gain this skill. This thread must be made specifically for this skill.
***In a thread post 1500 times by yourself to gain this skill. This thread must be made specifically for this skill.
~The posts in these threads are not combined. Each skill must be acquired in a separate thread.

Additional Notes
The specified form of clay or higher form must be in effect in order for the user to use the technique.

For Microscopic Clay Mines, if a higher form of clay was used, then for each level higher, the damage will increase by 5 for each mine.

Opponent can disarm the mines (normal and microscopic) if he or she uses a technique from Lightning Chakra (the rolled chakra element, not the ones from the scroll).

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