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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:24 pm

Kurama Bloodlimit

Description: Every few generations a member of the Kurama clan will be born with an incredible talent for genjutsu. The clan member's talent in that field is such that their genjutsu is completely irresistible, so much so that only knocking a person out cold has any chance of awakening them from it. Furthermore, the genjutsu is so powerful that it literally convinces the brain to copy anything that happens to the victim within the genjutsu, making it possible for the clan member to kill their opponents with genjutsu. Such frightening power is not without its drawbacks, however. The user can rarely control the full extent of their abilities, and as such their subconscious will often regulate that power, leading to the creation of a second personality in control of that power. This personality then overwhelms the original, turning the individual into a monster that's a danger to everyone around them.

Genin Skills

Mental Focus (100 Chakra) Passive) Allows Use of all Kurama Clan skills. However when in this state you may only Use Genjutsu. Cannot Interrupt.

Flower Pod Illusion (50 Chakra) 50 Damage. Stop opponent 1 Turn.~Considered Genjutsu~

*Mental Rage(100 chakra)All genjutsu used this turn and next turn will deal 100 life-damage, if they already dealt life damage they will deal 100 more.

Chuunin Skills

*Grand Flower Pod Illusion (200 Chakra) 300 Damage. Stop opponent 1 Turn. Multi-Hit. Twice Per battle.Can ONLY be avoided by taking 300 self-chakra damage or with a skill that avoids unavoidable genjutsu. ~Considered Genjutsu~

*Grand Demonic Tree Bind (140 Chakra) 250 Damage. Stop opponent 1 turn.Can't be avoided by using release or self pain. Once per battle~Considered Genjutsu~

*Lighting (150 Chakra) 300 Damage. Cannot Avoid or Block. ~Considered Ninjutsu,~

*Grander Lightning(200 chakra)600 life-damage, multi-hit, unavoidable. If avoided the one who avoided will still take 100 life-damage. May still be blocked,interrupted by a skill that stops an unavoidable without taking 100 life-damage. Can only be used the same turn, or turn after "Lightning".Once per battle ~considered ninjutsu~

Jounin Skills

*Flames (50 Chakra) 100 Damage. Cannot Avoid. ~Considered Ninjutsu,~

*Sprouting Flames(100 chakra) 200 life-damage, can not be stopped in any way, damage may not be increased of this skill. Can only be used within 3 turns after "Flames has been used".Damage of this skill may not be reduced. Once per battle.

*Fire Wall (100 Chakra) Blocks 1 skill. Doesn't include unavoidables.If used within 3 turns after "Flames" has been used this may block an unavoidable jutsu, even an unavoidable genjutsu, if used on the SAME turn as "Sprouting Flames" this may block two skills from your opponents last post including unavoidables and genjutsu. Twice per battle.

Illusionary Step (100 chakra) Avoids 1 skill. Doesn't include unavoidables. User is unaffected by ALL genjutsu next turn, including unavoidable genjutsu

*Illusionary Barrier (200 chakra) Avoids all attacks from opponent(s) last post. Including unavoidable and genjutsu. Can only be used 2 times per battle.

Sanin Skills

Spacing Out(100 chakra, passive) For the remainder of the battle you automatically avoid all genjutsu of 150 chakra or less. During this time as long as this is active you may use skills other then genjutsu EVEN if "Mental Focus" is in effect. This skill will cost 100 chakra per turn to keep active. Though it may be discontinues at any time, when discontinued "Metal Focus" will no longer be in effect as well.

*Mental Focus must be in effect
~Skills that are considered ninjutsu in this skill set may still be used during Mental Focus".

When owning this bloodline, all Taijutsu skills Damage are Reduced by 1/2.

Inflict pain and Release may be used when in "Mental Focus"

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