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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:37 am


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Genin Skills:
-Wood Clone Technique (50 chakra) Avoid or ESP All skills. 50 life damage. Can be used passively once every 2 turns. Damage can't be increased when passive.
-Wooden Secret Technique; Tree Collapse (75 Chakra) Stop opponent(s) for 1 turn. Multi hit. Can't block.
-Wooden Secret Technique; Tree Crush (75 Chakra) 250 life damage. Can't block or avoid.
-Wooden Technique; Growing Imprisonment (175 Chakra) Gain 100 health. Stop opponent one post. Can't interupt. Three times per battle.

Chunin Skills:
-Wood Release; Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland (175 Chakra) Opponent has only 1 minute to attack/capture you if you escape in the thread this is used in. All mokuton jutsus cost 25 less chakra for the rest of the battle. Once per battle.
-Wood Release; Wood Locking Wall (250 Chakra) Block all jutsus from one opponents last post. Includes UA's, but not genjutsu. Twice per battle.
-Wood Release; Demonic Imprisonment (150 Chakra) Chose one opponent. Neither you or the chosen opponent may escape from the battle for each of your next 3 turns. If your opponent or yourself has any summons out the summons may not attack for the same time you cannot escape. This move is completely unavoidable, and may not be changed in any way, minus chakra cost. Once per battle.

-Wood Release; Improved Clone Summon (150 Chakra) Summon a wood clone. Clone has 500/500 and may use 2 of your doton moves and your mokuton moves. Has 1 attack per turn (which doesnt count as one of yours). Once per battle, can't interrupt.

Jounin Skills:
-Wood Release; Four Pillars House Technique (225 Chakra) Chose one of the following techniques
--Protect up to 2 allies (strictly allies) for their next 2 turns. They may not be attacked or attack, AT ALL. By ANYTHING. This effect cannot be overrided by any customs or anything else of the sort. Each allie gains 150 health each turn they are in the Pillar House. The turn they are released from the house, they or any of their summons may not attack for that turn. Once per battle. Cannot be interupted, no matter what.
--Capture up to 2 opponents for 2 turns. Each turn they take 300 life damage, but may not be attacked while captured. Unavoidable. Once per battle. If this move does not succesfuly work, all of your Katon jutsu deal +300 damage for 2 turns.
-Wood Release; Wooden Sword (100 chakra) Add 100 damage to all Mokuton jutsus for the rest of the battle. Doesn't stack. Can't interupt. Doesn't include moves that don't deal damage.
-Wood Release; Demon Seal (200 chakra) Temporarily stop an opponents activation of their demon. This fully pauses their activation, and it does not happen. Their demon is not activated until your next 3 turns are over. Completely unavoidable. Once per battle.

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