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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:39 am

Ranmaru Bloodline

Genin Skills
-Illusionary Summon (100 charka) hold multi-opponent for one post
-Illuminating Flash(25 chakra) -esp- from multiple skills

Chunnin Skills
-Inhuman Sight(150 chakra, passive)For the remainder of the battle skills you control can no longer be avoided by -esp- skills.
-Forewarn(125 chakra)Automatically avoid/block all skills that can be avoided or blocked from all opponents next turn. Twice per battle.
-Illusionary Light(100 chakra) For the next 4 posts genjutsu you control can no longer be avoided by release.

Jounin Skills
-Illusionary Spear (150 charka) 200 life damage and hold opponent for one post, can't avoid, can only be used once per battle
-Mastery over the Mind (100 charka) avoid any type of genjutsu; even unavoidable genjutsu
-Friendly Eyes (125 chakra) Attach yourself to an ally. All Ranmaru skills now affect the ally. User can only use Genjutsu and Instant Ninjutsu. Must pay 50 chakra every two turns. Cannot be attached to more than one ally.
-Detach(0 chakra, passive) End the effect of Friendly Eyes.

Sannin Skills
--Mind Supplement (150 chakra) All Genjutsu used by the user of this skill cannot be stopped by Release or Inflict Pain for 4 turns. Any other skill may still avoid/block/interrupt Genjutsu regardless of any other skills used. Once per battle.
Illusionary Conversion (150 chakra for each move) Convert up to two Ninjutsu into Genjutsu. The converted skills are treated like normal Genjutsu and can be avoided just like any other. One per battle.

Opponents with any form of Sharingan are unaffected by Illusionary Spear
All ranmaru skills are considered and count as genjutsu
When Friendly Eyes is in effect, any move that hits the ally also hits the owner of this Bloodline

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