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soma no ku

Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:40 am

Soma no Ko

Genin Skills
-Evil Separation (100 Chakra - Passive) The user has now split into 2 different people, thus he now as 2 sets of life and chakra. Split the amount of chakra and life at the time of the use of this skill to get the 2 sets. The user is allowed to do 2 more skills and/or passives during the time this is in effect. The opponent's multi-hits will only hit 1 of the 2 sets.
-*Merge (50 Chakra) The 2 sets of life and chakra in Evil separation is added up again and the user is only 1 person again.
-Tarenken(150 Chakra)Multi-Hit 300 Life damage,Cant interupt, Cant Block

Chuunin Skills
-*Tarenkyaku(200 Chakra)Multi-Hit 450 Life damage, Cant interupt, Cant Block
-Inner Twin (50 Chakra) Reverse all taijutsu damage to opponent(cant reverse over 400 damage)
-Cell Regeneration(50 chakra) Regain 200 health & chakra. This can only be used if Evil Separation is not in effect. Cant interupt. Once per battle.

Jounin Skills
-*Kisei Kikai no Jutsu; Parasite Demon Demolition Technique (300 Chakra) One of the sets merges with the opponent. Unavoidable and twice per battle. If Curse Seal of Swamps Level 2 is active, then this is completely unavoidable and once per battle. While merged the opponent can only do damage to the set that is not merged with the opponent or use Inflict Pain to damage the one that is merged. Neither the opponent nor the merged set can heal during this effect. If the opponent Inflicts Pain for 500 life, then this skill is negated.
-**Parasitical Damage (100 Chakra) 200 completely unavoidable damage to the opponent and the merged set. The chakra will come from the merged set. Damage cannot be modified by anything except Cursed Seal Lvl. 2. 4 times per battle. This skill can only be used once per turn as well.
-**Split (0 Chakra) Separate from the opponent.

* = Needs Evil Separation to be in effect
** = Needs Parasite Demon Demolition Technique to be in effect

Whatever damage the opponent takes during Parasite Demon Demolition Technique, the set that is merged will take that amount of damage too. The damage excludes the amount of damage from Parasitical Damage.

The counts of however many times a technique can be used is not separate for each set. It is a combined for both.

Once the set that is merged during Parasite Demon Demolition Technique has no more life, the technique is no longer in effect.

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