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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:40 am

Yamanaka Bloodline:

The Yamanaka bloodline is a very special bloodline, that belongs to the Yamanaka clan of Konoha. They are skilled in lots of moves, particularly known for their Mind shifting techniques and more.

Genin Skills
-Mind Body Switch Technique(150 chakra) stops opponent 3 posts. During This time you may not use any skills, cant interrupt, If This misses you must skip your next post. Unavoidable if uses as the first skill of the first turn of a player jump. If there are allies on the field, then you will still skip you next post, but you may not be attacked.
-*Mind Shatter (100 chakra) 200 life damage. Completely unavoidabe.
-*Mental Break Technique (100 Chakra) 200 Chakra Damage. Completely unavoidable. Once every Mind Transfer.
-*Disengage(50 chakra) ends the effect of Mind Body Switch.
-Pocket Shot (50 chakra + 1 Ninja Wolfsbane): 100 damage. Does 75 poison damage for the next 4 turns if successful.

Chunnin Skills
-New Approaching Technique (200 Chakra) Avoid ANY Technique, including Genjutsu and unavoidable. Can be used 2 times per battle.
-Mind Envelop(200 chakra) controls Opponents Next Post, unavoidable. Twice per battle.
-16 Hit Combo (100 chakra) 150 damage, stops opponent for one turn. Cannot be avoided by clones or blocked.
-Covered in Flowers (100 chakra) Makes the next "Pocket Shot" unavoidable. Twice per battle. Uninteruptable.

Jounin Skills
-Mind Body Disturbance Technique(200 chakra) stops opponent two posts. During This Time you may control your opponents post. When controlling your opponents posts with this skill your opponent can only use one skill per turn. Effect Ends if opponent takes 400 life-damage. Can't be avoided by clones, blocked, or interrupted. Unavoidable if Used as the first skill of the first turn of a player jump.
-Exploding Boquet(100 chakra+exploding tag)100 life damage, multi-hit. Stops opponent one post
-Psychological Meltdown (200 Chakra) 300 multi-hit damage and stops opponents for 1 turn. Unavoidable. This can only be released through pain inflict or kai release. Twice per battle.

*Can only be used While Mind Body Switch is in effect

Credit: Hinata Hyuuga

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