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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:41 am

Zetsu Bloodline
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Owners of this bloodline may use Hiding Camoflage Technique for 200 chakra instead of 300 and will be able to use it twice per battle.

Genin Skills
-Kou Soubou Ikan “Yellow Eyes of Keen Sight” (50 Chakra) If user of this skill escapes from battle after this skill is used this turn then the opponent must stop them in 1 minute to successfully capture the user of this skill. Can't interrupt.
-Nature is everywhere(200 chakra)When this skill is used in battle it may be the only skill the owner of the skill uses the entire battle. When used the user of this skill does not count as being in the thread this is used in. Owner may obtain the character stats of an entire member. (report to mod in personal message).

Chuunin Skills
-Botsunyuu Kyouguu “Absorb into Nature” (150 Chakra) Avoid any skill, even unavoidable skills (including genjutsu) (can be used 3 times per battle) (can't interrupt)
-Venus Fly Trap Hold (100 Chakra) holds opponent one post. If used on or after the same post as when "absorb into nature" was used it cant be blocked, avoided or interrupted. Opponent may escape by paying 400 life instead.
Tend to Nature(0 chakra) regain 200 life and 200 chakra,cant be interrupted (twice per battle)
-Devour soul(200 chakra) When you kill an enemy instead of gaining ryo you increase your health and chakra by 10 for every level in their rank. Ex)genin=10/10 Chunnin=20/20....etc..
-Binding Root(150 chakra) 100 life damage, multi-hit; holds opponent two posts. If this is avoided,blocked, or interrupted by any skill that does not stop unavoidable jutsu the opponent will take 200 life-damage. Twice per battle.

Jounin Skills
-Observation of Nature(200 chakra) Avoid one skill from opponents last post, including an unavoidable or genjutsu from an opponents bloodlimit/clan jutsu. Once per battle.
-Two facing;assassins spy(100 chakra) If opponent used a skill from a bloodlimit/clan that has been avoided by "Observation in Nature" in your opponents last post, excluding the same skill that was avoided this skill will restrict the opponent from using any skill from that bloodlimit during their next 3 posts. This skill can not be stopped. Once per battle.
-Devour (250 Chakra) 500 life damage, unavoidable.(once per battle) If avoided/blocked/interrupted by ANYTHING the opponent will lose 100 health and 100 chakra.

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